Monday, December 22, 2008

Lixo do Natal

Mais de 60 mensagens na caixa do spam do gmail, eliminadas pelo filtro. Não abri nenhuma. Mas à primeira vista são mensagens convidativas, a suscitar curiosidade ou interesse. Não há ninguém capaz de pôr fim a esta balbúrdia nojenta?

Can’t find you, darling.

Keep trying!

Let’s meet as usually.

Sure. How many condoms should I bring with me this time?

You probably gave wrong number.

I always give the wrong number the first time, baby! (P. S. Are you Chinese?)

When will we meet again?

Not so soon, tonight I am going out with your sister, I think I love her.

I lost your cell number.

Ask Freud for an explanation.

We were looking for you.

I was having breakfast with Natalie Portman.

Your week-end will not be good without good nights.

Don't worry, I already made a reservation at the Four Seasons and will take with me The Brothers Karamazov in a new translation.

Your girlfriend seeks for you.

Please don't tell her that we spent the last night together.

It’s cold, don’t keep me waiting.

What are you waiting for? I have nothing for you.

Don’t reject my calls.

I only do it because it's good for my self-esteem!

Add more splendor to your style.

I am doing my best. Can't you see it?

Don’t disapear now.

I am just going to pee.

Don’t come, let’s cancel it.

Again? You whore!

The whole room waits you.

I adore women, it's true, but will never show me naked to more than one at a time.

What’s your hall of shame?

What's about yours, can we talk about it?

We need you here, now!

Can't you wait until next week? I am in my honeymoon holidays in the Bahamas at this moment.

She is asking for your number.

Give it to her, but don't let her know that I am married.

Light her eyes with fire of true adoration.

Only if you promise to have dinner with me tomorrow.

Come upstairs.

Can't we do it here?

Take her home!

She is married and her husband is very jealous... I can't.

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