Monday, November 30, 2009

About Chaplin and young girls

Ona and Chaplin

Commenting on his attraction to teenagers, Chaplin later confided to a friend (Harry Crocker): “I have always been in love with young girls, not in an amorous way—just as beautiful objects to look at. I like them young because they personify youth and beauty. There is something virginal in their slimness—in their slender arms and legs. And they are so feminine at that age—so wholly, girlishly young. They haven’t developed the ‘come on’ stuff or discovered the power of their looks over men.”

Unfortunately for Chaplin and for his first two equally disillusioned teenage lovers, the abrupt transition from virgin to slut occurred within days of his successful seduction of them or theirs of him (depending on one’s point of view). As his oldest son Charlie Chaplin Jr. observed : “[my father’s] troubles sprang from incurable romanticism…[he was] utterly blind to the fact that he was dealing with flesh and blood…[and] would form a deep attachment for his created image much as Pygmalion fell in love with his statue. When the idyll he had created for himself would explode into stark reality he would be shocked, angry and hurt as at some betrayal.”

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