Thursday, September 20, 2012

A stupid story

It happened to me several times. It's a stupid story. I was mad at a woman and said: never talk to me again, never write to me again, I don't want to know anything about you, LEAVE ME ALONE. Then later sometimes I would think: why is it that she never contacted me or talked to me again? And I would conclude: Women, they are all the same.

They wouldn't talk to me but they were still spying on me and had been talking about my life to their friends who were telling crazy stories about me (and spying on what I was doing and writing). I was upset but could do nothing. You will never know what people will become when they stop being in your life. You will never know either what people will do of what they think they learned about you once they are gone.

(All this by J. E. Soice, of course).

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