Thursday, June 18, 2015

At dawn

On love and about you

I know nothing.

On life and about death

I know enough,

yet I know nothing.

I could pray but

about praying

I know nothing.

You could come

and wake me up.

Walking at my

side on the beach

at dawn you

would teach me

the meaning of

simple words.

I would learn

and I would see.

In my ignorance,

surprised, I would

rejoice. In the cold

morning my heart

would sing.

Singing is not

always sobbing.

But you don’t

know where to

find me, you

don’t know who

I am. And you

have so much

to think about.

Why would you

deviate from the

deep river of your

thoughts and want

to teach me?

I know your face,

I once looked into

your eyes. I will

not forget. But you

don’t know it, you

can’t understand

what I am saying.

(J. E. Soice's secret


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